Writing: Talent vs Non Talent

Writing, for some people, comes as natural as breathing. For others, it is a task that must be worked and honed. Talent in writing comes from within and some do it better than others. A writer without talent does not make a bad writer. It is a skill that can be learned, though it may not be as effortless as a natural writer.

This is not to say that a person that has to work at writing cannot write good. It only means that they have to work harder at it. Having a natural talent for writing does not make a person a good writer either.

Writing is a process that allows a person to put themselves on paper and to present a side of themselves that is rarely seen. It is a great tool for creating an argument and defending that argument.

Natural writers have to work at honing their skill just as other writers do. The talent makes it easier to put the words on paper. Yet if the talent is not honed, it will never improve.

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