Heal Me, O Lord

Heal Me, O Lord


Unto thee, I lift mine eyes

Unto thee, mine heart flies

Grasp me within thine palm

Give me comfort, make mine spirit calm


I stand here, waiting, waiting

Heart and soul hanging heavy

For love sought, for love sought

Within mine spirit, I am twisted


Seeking, yearning, needing, feeling

Seeking love, yearning comfort, needing solace

Feeling only emptiness

O mine heart doth beat low


Heal me, O Lord

Lift mine soul to the skies

Let this despair become quiet

Let this unrest cease from me


I cry to thee Father

Lifting eyes and arms up high

Pleading, seeking, begging

For a release


This misery, oh so heavy

Crushing me, troubling mine heart and soul

The weight, lift this weight

Lighten mine heart, cleanse mine soul


Chase away this fear, darkness and despair

Leadeth me O Lord, unto still waters

Let not the world overcome me

Let thy light guide me


I cry upon mine pillow at night

Wishing for an end to this pain

Yet it continues on and on

Arrows of darkness piercing deeply


For love, love sought

I did love, O Lord, with mine heart

The spear of betrayal did plunge deep

Piercing mine bosom


O Lord, I have loved thee

Why do I feel so forsaken?

Why are the days gray?

Why are the nights black?


I hold thee in mine bosom, O Lord

I crieth unto thee

Seeking for comfort

Where art thou, O my Lord?


Should I stand alone?

Should I shun all?

Hearken to mine plea, O Lord

Heal mine soul


Lift me on the wings of an eagle

Let mine spirit soar high above

Let thy love hold me and heal me

Let thy light guide me


Thou art mine fortress, my rock and shield

Thy banner I lift high

Thy spirit dwelleth within me

Causing mine pain and sorrows to fly away


My hope is in thee, O Lord

My trust is in thee

My life is for thee

My love is for thee.



Sean Michael Supsky

Saturday, February 11, 2006


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