Mothers, the ones that carry us

Others know not the burdens

Together, in their heart and souls

Heroes, unsung by the masses

Easily the most courageous

Relishing the love bonds

Shaping, showing, loving.


Most important, for life to be

Offering care and support

Tenderly, lovingly caring

Helpers, healers, our comfort

Easing the pains, so easily wrought

Rushing to our aid

Standing proud, strong.


Making the days a blessing

Overly protective at times

Trusting heart and soul

Holding the hearts

Evolving the soul

Remembering when we are weak

Silently giving love.


Mothers the world over

Only a call away

Taking the lead

Hoping for the best

Echoing our lives

Reaching forward

Sending gifts


My mother said to me

Only remember that I love you

Take my gift of life

Hold it in your heart

Ensure that you never forget

Regret not our time together

Sleep in peace


Many days will pass

Often they will be hard

Take no heed of the evil that abounds

Hear the voice within

Echo my heart for you

Relish out time together

Save our memories


Make the most of your life

Obtain nuggets of wisdom

Treat others with honor and respect

Helping those in need

Enter into life with joy

Run to happiness

Stand strong and proud

About WishWizardsandMore

Author, poet, novelist, believer in God
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