Coming Titles

This year, by the end, my third book, Wish Wizards Book III: Sacrifice will be published.

Poetic story of a character called Destiny – Written to the background music of the loudest band on earth, MANOWAR watch as the story unfolds over twenty entries.

Finally, not to abrogate on past unpublished titles, I will rework the following, as time permits, with a completion date over the next few months and years, I will scribe the following, in no order:

Lance Roi’ Tan: Bounty Hunter – this short series has 20 different titles in it.

Voltaire – this short trilogy weaves a tale of magic and power.

The Octosaurus – one of my first ever stories, written in the campy form of early ‘Zilla films.

Finally, various poetic titles, focusing on emotions and Christian religion.


About WishWizardsandMore

Author, poet, novelist, believer in God
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