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Mothers   Mothers, the ones that carry us Others know not the burdens Together, in their heart and souls Heroes, unsung by the masses Easily the most courageous Relishing the love bonds Shaping, showing, loving.   Most important, for life … Continue reading

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Wish Wizards Book I: The Rune of Doom

Now available, this first book in a Decalogue is currently able to be acquired on the following website. I would hope that you would read it and enjoy it.

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Your World

When writing a story, you create the characters, the story-line, the background, you create everything. The place where your story unfolds is just as important as the rest of the story. While this piece is mostly directed toward fiction authors, … Continue reading

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When drafting a character, an important element to remember to add is emotion. Emotion in a character will bring the character to life and fill the pages with substance. Creating a three dimensional character with the use of emotion is … Continue reading

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What exactly is a plot? According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary a plot is a series of events that make up a story. See the url here ( So how does one successfully create, construct and implement a plot? … Continue reading

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Heal Me, O Lord

Heal Me, O Lord . Unto thee, I lift mine eyes Unto thee, mine heart flies Grasp me within thine palm Give me comfort, make mine spirit calm . I stand here, waiting, waiting Heart and soul hanging heavy For … Continue reading

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Characters are the main driving force in most stories, though there are exceptions. The purpose of a character is to provide a focal point in a story and to use that character to drive the story along. A character can … Continue reading

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